I thought lets compare two movies I saw recently. Strange combination!…Lets abbreviate for convenience: DVC(Da Vinci Code ) VS UMH(U Me Aur Hum )

–>DVC was based on a BOOK
UMH is based on a movie called The NoteBOOK…he he, let me try to be a little grown up here

–>While watching DVC, we had to stop and rewind at certain places incase we missed a dialogue, because it had so much content and moving so fast that we had to give a pin drop silence and blinkless attention(metaphor!). Just fyi… saw DVC on DVR so could pause and rewind and UMH in an AMC theater.
But UMH was so cliche that we knew the jokes and dialogs before they completed them 50% of the time. Worst dialogs was the slow …” You know something!”.

–>DVC: We actually did search on wikipedia and google a couple of times while watching the movie(ofcourse pausing it first) on things like Holy Grail
After UMH, I did a little reading on Alzheimer’s disease.

–> Finally, people had adviced me not to watch DVM and UMH both 🙂

DVM flopped. UMH could have done better but for:
-Editing:Actors have to act to project the roles(Ajay does that well) but an editor and director have to make it appear natural. That was missing.
-Ajay no chest exposure please.
-I am dissapointed with Sumeet Raghavan though. I had expected this Sarabhai VS Sarabhai TV serial actor to have done good to the movie.
-Song choreography…:(. I love Prabhu Deva and Hritik dancing, even Mimo can hold the attention). Kajol did ok in one song though. I like Kajol..good job. Salsa steps could have been made more elegant.
-Movie was very simple and descriptive. Lot of things could have been just said and not gone into bits and bytes. It was like an intutive or trivial question/answer set
-I felt the first part of the movie was a long background to that second half. If we just fast forward…its good
-Background music was good
-Movie does have a message….be togather despite whatever!
-Movie has a happy ending. I love that part

So Ajay & Kajol don’t give up….and till you guys get together in another good movie I will still remember you as the bubbly couple from Pyaar Tu Hona Hi Tha……