July 2008

Shopkeepers in India and US seem to have one thing in common. Most of them are unfortunate to have lost their courtesy and manners expected towards customers. I read an interesting piece today that reminded me of my experiences.


What has happened to the salesperson and retailers in the world today.

Not only is this song a classic, the fact that someone animated the story the Amitabh Bachchan was telling is creative 🙂

Is this what comes to your mind when we say OFFLINE? Then read on:http://techbhai.wordpress.com/2008/07/10/offline-web-applications/

……After all I am a software engineer. So on this page I want to share things I wished I could have found easily on the internet but did not. This are tools and utilities that are already created or invented but we just don’t find them when needed.

To prevent others from reinventing the wheel


In our endeavor to explore, everyday we come across so many things that just change your day.

So while the presidential candidates are making statements about reducing outsourcing, this is what I read and smiled. Source Economic Times Delhi Dated July 8th

I hope soon some people will realize that putting restrictions is not the solution to job losses but its new ideas that will create or should I say recreate the strong job market. I heard McCain saying few lines yesterday that he will create programs to help people become competitive and be able to get good work. I liked that.

I and my husband (who got me into this addiction) are die hard fans of The Office. After watching Steve Carell‘s Get Smart trailers on TV, we got interested in the movie too.

Steve Carell plays the Manager in the Emmy Award winning series The Office.

In Get Smart, a fat geek guy (played by Steve) wants to be a 007 Bond alike field agent. Like the larger than life hero, he gets hurt but remains scratch-less. The best part about Steve is that whatever dumbest thing he does, he ends up with grace, whether it is doing Salsa with a fat lady or trying one of the Bond gadgets.

Khali added some Indian touch to the movie.

I kept laughing through the movie but some scenes made me wince like when a paper was stapled on a man’s head 😮 . Overall Thumbs Up! A good Sunday watch.

If you are a Steve fan then do not miss The Office(TV series) , 40year old virgin(may be you can miss this), Evan Almighty and now Get Smart.

In my endeavor to explore human impressions…some people make good first impressions, Steve is one of those who makes a lasting impression.

Now can anyone tell me why did they decide to call the movie “Get Smart”? 🙂