So it took Steve McCurry & National geographic reporters a couple of months and some Pakistani contacts to find the famous green eyed Afgan Girl who Steve had photographed 17 years ago.

What i wonder is how come US secret service/army/airforce/CIA and other organizations have still not been able to find one Osma Bin Laden 😕


Lets see: Finding a girl should be more difficult considering the social norms that restrict girls to show their face to only their family. Osama am sure does not have that advantage.

Aparantly NatGeo used a Pakistani senior new editor and village elders to find this girl. U.S. and Pakistan are allies, (right?) so how come they did not get that advantage.

Irony is that the Senior News Editor was introduced in the programme as one of the few who have interviewed Mr. Laden himself…hmmm so thats a credential!

Nice to see atleast someone can find exactly what they were looking for.

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Aye watan aye watan hum ko teri kasam,teri rahoon jaan tak beccha jayege
(Oh my country, I promise I will even die for you)
Aye mere watan ke longon, zara ankh main bhar lo paani…..
(My fellow countrymen, lets hold a tear in our eyes for those who sacrificed there lives for the country)

Wait…before u bring tears to your eyes, just check if that soldier was really a soldier fighting to his last breath for Patriotism or a paid private contractor fighting till he drops, for a Bonus!?

Infact, Iraq war is using more Private Military Company contractors then US army soldiers!!.
May be that explains one part of how come US government spent 510 Billion Dollars (as reported on on the war.
A disturbing thought, may be rare probability, is what if these defense contractors come back to US and have no war to go to. Can they form a private (commercial) army, run by capitalist? Hmm…a lot can be done!
May be that’s one bleak reason why US bureaucracy is still supporting the war.