Finally I can pick up a newspaper and READ it..

finally there a paper that I can leave on table top and not feel ashamed if an elder came in.

There was a time when I lost hope in newspapers. All the white and bright paper was either paid crap or unpaid gossip, either a reporter crying over no-hope situation or a jigsaw with totally unrelated serious piece of news patched to a glam (or copy) pose of a celebrity. Finally i realized that the not so white (dusky or brown) is the right paper to read. What I thought was just financial stuff and might go over my head turned out to be NEWS to my delight.

So if you are also looking for just world news to read then Economic times is the choice. Good job guys….am reading ๐Ÿ™‚

We tend to do some things without realizing that we are. Its our natureโ€ฆ.but where do we get it from?

Regional? …How come always Chinese are seen as too picky and cheesesparing. Today morning a cab driver went berserk over a toll question.

Gender based?….Women are suppose to be emotional. I will not blame Anitson. The thought of your husband flirting with someone else is so much of a hurt, having to know for sure that he cheated is something I cannot imagine. I don’t think I ever want to watch a Jolie or Brad movie again.

Culture Based?….Indian women tend to work hard and expect appreciation for it. We cannot stop doing either of it.1357154535_94eefec289

Not sure where other things come from like some people talk too much, some crib over everything. I am more interested in knowing about few like some people can really think of out-of-the-box ideas, some can have fun in every situation.

Btw Profession based?….Software engineers always wish everything was on the net. ๐Ÿ™‚

So it took Steve McCurry & National geographic reporters a couple of months and some Pakistani contacts to find the famous green eyed Afgan Girl who Steve had photographed 17 years ago.

What i wonder is how come US secret service/army/airforce/CIA and other organizations have still not been able to find one Osma Bin Laden ๐Ÿ˜•


Lets see: Finding a girl should be more difficult considering the social norms that restrict girls to show their face to only their family. Osama am sure does not have that advantage.

Aparantly NatGeo used a Pakistani senior new editor and village elders to find this girl. U.S. and Pakistan are allies, (right?) so how come they did not get that advantage.

Irony is that the Senior News Editor was introduced in the programme as one of the few who have interviewed Mr. Laden himself…hmmm so thats a credential!

Nice to see atleast someone can find exactly what they were looking for.

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Shopkeepers in India and US seem to have one thing in common. Most of them are unfortunate to have lost their courtesy and manners expected towards customers. I read an interesting piece today that reminded me of my experiences.

What has happened to the salesperson and retailers in the world today.

In our endeavor to explore, everyday we come across so many things that just change your day.

So while the presidential candidates are making statements about reducing outsourcing, this is what I read and smiled. Source Economic Times Delhi Dated July 8th

I hope soon some people will realize that putting restrictions is not the solution to job losses but its new ideas that will create or should I say recreate the strong job market. I heard McCain saying few lines yesterday that he will create programs to help people become competitive and be able to get good work. I liked that.

I and my husband (who got me into this addiction) are die hard fans of The Office. After watching Steve Carell‘s Get Smart trailers on TV, we got interested in the movie too.

Steve Carell plays the Manager in the Emmy Award winning series The Office.

In Get Smart, a fat geek guy (played by Steve) wants to be a 007 Bond alike field agent. Like the larger than life hero, he gets hurt but remains scratch-less. The best part about Steve is that whatever dumbest thing he does, he ends up with grace, whether it is doing Salsa with a fat lady or trying one of the Bond gadgets.

Khali added some Indian touch to the movie.

I kept laughing through the movie but some scenes made me wince like when a paper was stapled on a man’s head ๐Ÿ˜ฎ . Overall Thumbs Up! A good Sunday watch.

If you are a Steve fan then do not miss The Office(TV series) , 40year old virgin(may be you can miss this), Evan Almighty and now Get Smart.

In my endeavor to explore human impressions…some people make good first impressions, Steve is one of those who makes a lasting impression.

Now can anyone tell me why did they decide to call the movie “Get Smart”? ๐Ÿ™‚

I recently got introduced to the concept of comedy clubs in NY and yesterday had my first visit to a live show. Thanks to the recorded versions I had seen, I knew a lot of their lingo which otherwise I wouldn’t have known. I think the reason why comedy clubs are a hit in NY is because its full of immigrants. I mean all: Comedy clubs’ audience, Comics and NY. So the jokes have a vast scope. From:-
  • Presidential elections in US. Strange how everyone mentions Hillary and Obama. McCain hardly gets any space!
  • Racism. Does Aishwarya Rai also get qualified as brown!?
  • Cultural differences. Amounting from a lot of factors like ones I read in Nita’s blog.
  • Call centers in India. Kudos to Tech Support and call centers working pain stakingly, day and night!
….to a lot more.
We visited Laugh Lounge on Essex Street for a monthly special South Asian show. Show was called “Crazi Desi Show” as the comedians were all from Asia except Grant Cooper. I liked Grant and his energy. He was sharp, observant and had variety. Reho(Hope I am getting his name right), the Japanese person, had a nice style and mostly joked about himself. I liked Vidur Kapoor too. His jokes covered more scope. The host of the show though good in covering wide topics needs to still grow and increase content in his speech. Well I am not sure if I am qualified enough to give suggestions but being audience/customer I guess our opinion matters. The liberal use of some words seemed awkward to me first but I guess the positive thing about this is that the funny way and frequency at which they are used, their intensity and value gets reduced each time. See Comedy does help.
If I could be granted the wish to make 3 set of people sit down and watch a comedy show my preference would be:
  • Firstly, all those troubled, sick and pitiable souls who are out on streets and in shops with zero patience and talking manners. Its amazing how sarcastic people are becoming nowadays. I see this in sellers strangely. While I would expect a seller to be polite and nice to customers and prospective customers, they are the ones who are worst. So why should I pay money to someone and take his bad behavior too. Its not just in India, I see it here in NY too. And its not just me who has noticed it. I just found another article referring to the same issue. I would love to see all those souls getting a taste of their own and being ripped off by comedians ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Second, Robbin Williams: so that he can teach the comedians how to get better at it.
  • Lastly, Me and my husband to see all that ๐Ÿ™‚