Last few days I have been recalling a lot of adventures I have had. Thought I should put them down here for more than anyone but myself to read and savor…..

If you are planning to spend a vacation in US then Newyork is a “Must Do”.

ny There are more reasons to be in NY then anywhere else. Beaches, mountains for skiing, rain, sunshine & (my favorite) snow keep it interesting all round the year. Thats ofcourse if you can manage to see the man made attractions in available time.

Rockefeller, Empire State, Statue of liberty, Roosevelt Island, Times Square, Madame Tussads, Macys flower show, Little Italy, Village, Yankee stadium and more

Butterflies are beautiful
Dead is not so beautiful (I feel..)
So what can we say about dead butterflies?

This weekend, I and my husband went to South Street Seaport. In one of the shops in the shopping plaza nearby we saw dead butterflies for sale. It took me a while and a little reading to digest that these were actually real but dead butterflies. In my endeavor to explore…checked it out further.

Just when my mind went to the legalities, I saw a written note saying that these butterflies had completed their life span(did they mean they did not kill them?) and are not endangered specie (soon they might be ;))

The artist had used butterflies to make patterns.

If you are wondering how were they packaged…Butterflies, also known as Mariposa were submerged in some kind of gel (guess to prevent decay) and then packed in cubes of glass/ panels. Store also had  some kind of scorpion captured and being sold as key chains.
Marketing pamphlet read that following Beautiful(!!) people own the artwork…..Bill Clinton (beautiful or handsome?), IBM corporation!! and more…..

I remember in India I used to see kids catch butterflies. But butterflies as art…hmm.

What do you think will be next ? Can someone tell me if Humans are an endangered species?