Yes, they do

A good example of it is when Bombay was fighting with terriosts on November 26 2008, one man someone name Datta, said to CNN reportor that Mumbai is “resilient” and there onwards that word was said again and again. Why it got noticed was that before this happened (use of word Resilient ), everyone was just using negative words and I was feeling bad about the image we are leaving of India.



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Another set of shocking words that I heard but stuck me later was “Terrorist from Kashmir occupied by India……..”. Hey Kashmir is part of India. We don’t need to occupy what belongs to us.

Lets see how things unfold in hours to come but people words do matter so lets think before..

Shopkeepers in India and US seem to have one thing in common. Most of them are unfortunate to have lost their courtesy and manners expected towards customers. I read an interesting piece today that reminded me of my experiences.

What has happened to the salesperson and retailers in the world today.

In our endeavor to explore, everyday we come across so many things that just change your day.

So while the presidential candidates are making statements about reducing outsourcing, this is what I read and smiled. Source Economic Times Delhi Dated July 8th

I hope soon some people will realize that putting restrictions is not the solution to job losses but its new ideas that will create or should I say recreate the strong job market. I heard McCain saying few lines yesterday that he will create programs to help people become competitive and be able to get good work. I liked that.

Butterflies are beautiful
Dead is not so beautiful (I feel..)
So what can we say about dead butterflies?

This weekend, I and my husband went to South Street Seaport. In one of the shops in the shopping plaza nearby we saw dead butterflies for sale. It took me a while and a little reading to digest that these were actually real but dead butterflies. In my endeavor to explore…checked it out further.

Just when my mind went to the legalities, I saw a written note saying that these butterflies had completed their life span(did they mean they did not kill them?) and are not endangered specie (soon they might be ;))

The artist had used butterflies to make patterns.

If you are wondering how were they packaged…Butterflies, also known as Mariposa were submerged in some kind of gel (guess to prevent decay) and then packed in cubes of glass/ panels. Store also had  some kind of scorpion captured and being sold as key chains.
Marketing pamphlet read that following Beautiful(!!) people own the artwork…..Bill Clinton (beautiful or handsome?), IBM corporation!! and more…..

I remember in India I used to see kids catch butterflies. But butterflies as art…hmm.

What do you think will be next ? Can someone tell me if Humans are an endangered species?

I thought lets compare two movies I saw recently. Strange combination!…Lets abbreviate for convenience: DVC(Da Vinci Code ) VS UMH(U Me Aur Hum )

–>DVC was based on a BOOK
UMH is based on a movie called The NoteBOOK…he he, let me try to be a little grown up here

–>While watching DVC, we had to stop and rewind at certain places incase we missed a dialogue, because it had so much content and moving so fast that we had to give a pin drop silence and blinkless attention(metaphor!). Just fyi… saw DVC on DVR so could pause and rewind and UMH in an AMC theater.
But UMH was so cliche that we knew the jokes and dialogs before they completed them 50% of the time. Worst dialogs was the slow …” You know something!”.

–>DVC: We actually did search on wikipedia and google a couple of times while watching the movie(ofcourse pausing it first) on things like Holy Grail
After UMH, I did a little reading on Alzheimer’s disease.

–> Finally, people had adviced me not to watch DVM and UMH both 🙂

DVM flopped. UMH could have done better but for:
-Editing:Actors have to act to project the roles(Ajay does that well) but an editor and director have to make it appear natural. That was missing.
-Ajay no chest exposure please.
-I am dissapointed with Sumeet Raghavan though. I had expected this Sarabhai VS Sarabhai TV serial actor to have done good to the movie.
-Song choreography…:(. I love Prabhu Deva and Hritik dancing, even Mimo can hold the attention). Kajol did ok in one song though. I like Kajol..good job. Salsa steps could have been made more elegant.
-Movie was very simple and descriptive. Lot of things could have been just said and not gone into bits and bytes. It was like an intutive or trivial question/answer set
-I felt the first part of the movie was a long background to that second half. If we just fast forward…its good
-Background music was good
-Movie does have a message….be togather despite whatever!
-Movie has a happy ending. I love that part

So Ajay & Kajol don’t give up….and till you guys get together in another good movie I will still remember you as the bubbly couple from Pyaar Tu Hona Hi Tha……

I just realized its the death anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi today. I can still recall the early summer morning. There was no power to add to the drama. I was too young to have a favorite politician but was old enough to realize that something had happened. No power meant that news traveled through word of mouth and that implies it was even more significant. Rajiv was my elder sister’s ideal! (yes that’s true) and dad was interested because of his interest in politics.
I was a silent spectator, who only realized a couple of years later that Rajiv Gandhi was a really charismatic individual. (I think I realized that after reading/watching something on his death anniversary few years later, just like today). Rajiv influenced a lot of Indians because of his good looks, political family and something else that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have. He was more than just a Gandhi.

Well he might have made some good and bad policies but he did give a clean (shaven!), handsome and fresh face to Indian Politics. My gratitude for that man…..and thanks to Nita for reminding me.

I just wonder how would have Rajiv been without the surname Gandhi.