Agenda:Life sure is a coincidence but then think again and its all a big setup that God did.
Sorry if the agenda word didn’t seem right. But thats how I am. Was always a planned ahead, estimate for the stars and track the expectation person.
Anyways what I really wanted to talk about is…… Hillary Clinton in the run for presidential elections!!


What a coincidence that I saw “Man of the Millennium” (movie) just when I started seeing news after landing in NY. So who would have thought 7 years back that Mrs Clinton would one day be standing on the podium saying words that his husband was saying. You think I am exaggerating then think again. Picture Mrs. Bush…you think 7 years later she would be doing the same thing. Nope….Its like finding a chicken in a noodle soup 😉 But the point I wanted to make was that sometimes what seems like a coincidence is actually a well planned phenomena. Now think this way, Hillary was destined to do this.
A lawyer
An experience in White House
A nation wide or in fact an international scandal where she emerged the hero for all women around the world and of course the media.
I would not say that her time has arrived since she still seems a little raw….actually soft. The smile she is passing is easily understandably fake….. She still needs to marinate! But best of luck Ms Clinton. With a little better color sense of your dresses(no tangy pinks please) and a more genuine smile who knows….